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  • Don't do anything stupid that annoys me or others.
  • Follow the golden rule and we'll all get along.
  • If you don't, I may start deleting stuff without warning, but nothing guarantees I will.

Privacy Policy

  • I don't, and can't, provide you “privacy.”
  • If you want information kept private, keep it in your own brain. It's not a secret anymore if you tell me.
  • Don't ever type it into your computer, or mine.
  • Any data you put into a computer (yours, mine, anyone's) should automatically be considered public information.
  • Once information is entered (and stored) in a computer, a virus, trojan, hacker, corporation, or government can get it and make it public without your knowledge or prior consent.
  • On the Internet, you are sending clearly readable information around the world over open links between numerous computers.
  • People may be sniffing the traffic anywhere between your computer and mine.
  • Your browser tells every website you visit (including mine) tons of information about you and your computer. Don't believe me? See for yourself at Browserspy
  • Your ISP routinely sells lists of the sites you visit (called clickstream data) to third-parties without your knowledge.
  • Many websites you go to secretly report your visit to their pages to google through google-analytics or adsense.
  • Corporations and major governments are secretly and openly spying on all Internet traffic.
  • You don't have any privacy on any computer or the Internet, so don't expect any here.
  • If you disagree with this privacy policy, the fault lies with you and your acceptance of current law and government. The remedy for this state of affairs is up to you.


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