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*terminalView** The first character on the screen at present. We can use this to scroll the screen. *... lour 0 (black on a black background). Let's look at what we have to do: - Load in terminalView, te... iew position by 2 - If the view position is at the end of textBuffer, set it to the start ... 8 bne yLoop$ </code> 3. Don't forget to clean up at the end! <code> pop {r4,r5,r6,r7,r8,r9,r10,r11,pc
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e webspaces, I ran into a great little troll post at [[ In the mood for some fun, why not take the troll at face value and work through the facts? The Commo... TS 2068. ===== The Claims ===== SG: Let's look at the evidence: Yes. Let's. ==== CLAIM: Slow ====... |What I mean]] Here you can see in the "Shootout at the 0K Corral" table where Z80 vs C64 were compar
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Fortunately for us, this decision is irrelevant at the moment, as the first 128 characters of both a... lue. These 33 special characters are not printed at all. In fact, these days, many are ignored. They... we could keep drawing new pictures for every font at every size with every character, this would get t... uch fonts almost exclusively, as they are perfect at any resolution. The true type font format used i
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put values, branch to an address, and expect that at some point the code will branch back to our code ... n. We then store the the computed function value at the address in the GPIO controller. We already w... address in the loop, so we don't need to store it at an offset like we did in [[OK01]] and [[OK02]]. ... we pop pc, it will copy the value that was in lr at the time we pushed it into pc. This would be the
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ay use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing "Edit this pa... Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespace... te that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespa... g line in ''conf/lang/en/lang.php'' (more details at [[doku>localization#changing_some_localized_texts
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benefit from your experience, send an email to me at [[|]], and I... add it here. It is also well worth taking a look at the [[ se ldr r0,=value. ==== warning : end of file not at end of a line; newline inserted ==== source/file.s: warning : end of file not at end of a line; newline inserted This means the l
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using the Raspberry Pi in assembly code, starting at just displaying random data, then moving up to di... ==== As you're hopefully beginning to appreciate, at a fundamental level, computers are very stupid. ... posit mail for the other, which will be collected at some future point and then dealt with. We shall ... nual that I have found. Nevertheless, by looking at the GNU/Linux for the Raspberry Pi, we are able t
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ards. ===== Getting Started ===== I am assuming at this point that you have already visited the [[Do... he code in the section called **.init** to be put at the start of the output. This is important, as w... tr reg,[dest,#val]** stores the number in **reg** at the address given by **dest + val**. These comma... s is called the mnemonic, and is supposed to hint at what the operation does. **mov** is short for mo
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ng able to draw text is lovely, but unfortunately at the moment you can only draw strings which are al... ength, signs, etc. More information can be found at [[ in the binary representation of a number starting at the top bit. Conveniently, this is exactly the n... e could improve upon this by shifting the divisor at the beginning, then shifting it down at the end o
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s tutorial won't be a lesson on the USB standard (at all). Instead we'll look at how to work with other people's code. ===== Linking ===== Since we're a... into our Operating System, we need to understand at some level how keyboards actually work. Keyboard... ionality. Over the next 2 lessons, we shall look at completing the input side of a text terminal, sim
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w to use the timer to flash the 'OK' or 'ACT' LED at precise intervals. It is assumed you have the co... ==== A New Device ===== So far, we've only looked at one piece of hardware on the Raspberry Pi, namely... to do, and it happened. Now we're going to look at the timer, and I'm going to lead you through unde... has an address. In this case, the timer is based at 20003000^16. Reading the manual, we find the fol
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rage may vary. \\ * Use any of this information at your own risk. \\ * I am not liable for any con... e user OS from kernel.img from SD card into SDRAM at 0x00008000 - VCOS places opcodes at 0x00000000 - FIXME what opcodes? the branch to 0x00008000? - VCOS puts ATAGS at 0x00000100 - FIXME what ATAGS? - VCOS resets
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to find them out. I am stunned, again and again, at the level of technical detail that was readily av... Reference Guide for the entire machine weighs in at 486 pages, the ACPI specification runs over 900 p... onal" computer. ROM is expensive and impossible (at the time) to patch, so, as much of it as possible... ystem, something called DOS became a requirement At least, through the DOS rabbit hole, you could sti
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uffer structure from last time. We will use this at all times in our drawing method. That way, if we... el size) - Load in the foreColour. - Store it at the address. An implementation of the above foll... 2. Remember that the width and height are stored at offsets of 0 and 4 into the frame buffer descript... was developed in 1962 by Jack Elton Bresenham, 24 at the time, whilst studying for a PhD. Bresenham's
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