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n in order. This is fine for such tiny programs, but if we wrote the whole system like this, the code ... boxes'. We put inputs in, and outputs come out, but we don't need to know how they work. In higher l... can be sure the r4 to r12 will not change value, but you cannot be so sure about r0 to r3. When a fun... ss to branch back to when a function is finished, but this does have to contain the same address after
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lCase]] to automatically create links by default, but this behavior can be enabled in the [[doku>config... ferent levels * Another item - The same list but ordered - Another item - Just use indention... ferent levels * Another item - The same list but ordered - Another item - Just use indention... L conversion is used for typography replacements, but can be configured to use other HTML as well. ===
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USB ports. This light was originally labelled OK but has been renamed to ACT on the revision 2 Raspber... , which might seem like a large amount of memory, but it is only 32 binary bits. There are quite a few... nce it's the first, I've used r0 in this example, but I could very well have used any of the others. A... 0. That doesn't sound like it would be much use, but it is. In computers, there are an awful lot of c
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me the ZX Spectrum (1982) is the specific beast - but since I have a [[Commodore 64|C64]] and a [[Timex... any case, I had 16 distinct colors even on my TV, but maybe that's because I read the book that came wi... commercially in 2004 and 2005 as part of the DTV. But where was your vaunted Quazatron? Only In the hearts and minds of the die-hards but NOT selling commercially. Disclaimer: I love bot
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g function that copies until the null terminator, but because the string is so long, it overwrites your program. This may sound far fetched, but nevertheless, such buffer overrun attacks are inc... strings which will not be displayed to end users (but perhaps to developers or experts), and Unicode fo... nted as a subtraction and then comparison with 0, but the result is normally discarded. This means tha
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a constant number, such as adding the number one, but forgot to put a # (e.g. add r3,4 should be add r3... 00100001^2 and so cannot be represented in a mov, but c20^16 = 110000100000^2 = 11000010^2 << 4, and so... in your file is not empty. You can ignore this, but to fix it just add a new line at the end. ==== u... This means that you've used a .section command, but you've specified a section other than .init, .tex
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will attempt to implement this in assembly code, but first we could really use some other functions to... ping along it. This sounds perfectly reasonable, but is actually a terrible idea. The problem with it... just text which looks like computer instructions, but is actually intended for programmers to understan... mbers that, to the outside observer, look random, but in fact were completely determined. So, we need
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system that doesn't even know what a file is yet, but I couldn't find one. They were all too high leve... t is by no means complete, efficient, or correct, but it does work. It has been written in C and the f... Operating System should eventually be capable of, but for now everything will be statically linked. Th... tially provides the same effect as UsbInitialise, but does not provide the same one time initialisation
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pulation ===== Being able to draw text is lovely, but unfortunately at the moment you can only draw str... e for displaying something like the command line, but ideally we would like to be able to display any t... . It does take a fair amount of work to program, but our reward is a very general function we can use ... on </code> This code does achieve what we need, but would not work as assembly code. Our problem com
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good investment is not just how much you invest, but what you get in return for that investment. So, ... have the [[wp>courage|guts]] to face a real fact, but go to China and see first-hand what the outcomes ... nd statements such as yours are never held alone, but only exist as part-and-parcel of an entire panthe... nts take MORE responsibility for their children. But no, you advocate tossing them out the door for "e
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olours as numbers. Here we focus on RGB systems, but HSL is another common system used. Some Colour P... image, it is produces clear, good quality images, but it doesn't take up as much space as True Colour. ... Ultimately it doesn't make too much difference, but in many interactions, it often feels like the pro... numbers it can send back are, nor what they mean, but only when it sends a zero it is happy. Fortunate
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is epic struggle with Jack Tramiel of Commodore. But these early platforms were **transparent**. The ... ing and BIOS. Initially the CPU would just work, but as CPUs became more complex, Intel switched to in... tart working until patched with aftermarket code. But, the only people who got that code and the detail... n Application. This left the illusion of control, but even that faded away as BASIC itself was dropped
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need this terminalScreen, not the terminalBuffer, but storing the buffer has 2 main advantages: - We... Throughout, I've been using the colour variable, but no where have we actually set it. Normally, term... he size of the terminalBuffer (I suppose we CAN, but it would be very buggy, as terminalStart could mo... trictly speaking it can change terminalStart too, but this is irreversible. <code> readLoop$: str input
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tory lesson does not contain a practical element, but exists to explain the basic concepts of what is a... le board computers. Each Raspberry Pi is a small-but-powerful single board computer with a CPU, RAM, U... ften perform millions of instructions per second, but they must be simple. Assembly code is a translat... y code is what the computer actually understands, but it is almost impossible for humans to read. Asse
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