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es. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing "Edit this page". If you want to try som... a paragraph, you can use two backslashes followed by a whitespace or the end of line. This is some te... nly recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespace \\this happens without it. This... y recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespace \\this happens without it. You sh
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3 OK03 ====== The OK03 lesson builds on [[OK02]] by teaching how to use functions in assembly to make... = So far we've made code for our operating system by typing the things we want to happen in order. Th... command just changes the value of this register. By copying the value in lr to pc we just change the ... om now. As discussed earlier bl calls a function by updating the lr to the next instruction's address
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===== The Screen03 lesson builds on [[Screen02]], by teaching how to draw text, and also a small featu... text stored? Simply enough, we have some system by which we give each letter a unique number, and th... letters in turn, with each letter being exactly 8 by 16 pixels. Thus, each takes 16 bytes, the first ... al assembly code. Firstly, we have a × 16, which by now you should spot is the same as a logical shif
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====== The Input02 lesson builds on [[Input01]], by building a simple command line interface where th... using only a keyboard and monitor, and it is done by almost every operating system, so is widely understood by system administrators. Let's analyse what we wan... an build this on top of our existing screen code, by storing the characters and their colours, and the
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puters because we can implement this in a circuit by saying that electricity flowing through the circu... we make heavy use of in assembly code is the ease by which numbers can be multiplied or divided by powers of 2 (e.g. 1,2,4,8,16). Normally multiplication... , 1101*100=110100 Shifting a binary number left by n places is the same as multiplying the number by
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r.png?200}} This is just a design decision taken by the manufacturers, they could have used any other... he binary representation of the number in **reg** by **val** places to the left. **str reg,[dest,#val... stores the number in **reg** at the address given by **dest + val**. These commands enable output to ... resentation. In other words, 8 1s or 0s followed by only 0s. In ARM assembly code, almost every inst
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the screen. One issue that is raised immediately by all this is the system we use for numbering colou... portant. The two communicate on the Raspberry Pi by what is called the 'mailbox'. Each can deposit m... For this reason, early computers often cheated, by, for example, storing a screens worth of text, an... box to write it to (r1). We must validate this is by checking it is a real mailbox, and that the low 4
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===== The Screen04 lesson builds on [[Screen03]], by teaching how to manipulate text. It is assumed y... ou can try to implement more. The function works by reading the format string, and then interpreting ... aracters written so far to the location addressed by the next argument. | Further to the above, many ... ea is the following: - Divide the current value by the base you're working in. - Store the remaind
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02 ====== The Screen02 lesson builds on Screen01, by teaching how to draw lines and also a small featu... drawing isn't quite as simple as you may expect. By now you must realise that when making operating s... Bresenham's Line Algorithm was developed in 1962 by Jack Elton Bresenham, 24 at the time, whilst stud... m's Algorithm for drawing a line can be described by the following pseudo code. Pseudo code is just t
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Baking Pi: Operating Systems Development! Course by [[|Alex Chadwick]] This we... ieving a few common tasks separately. Hopefully, by the end, the reader should know enough about Oper... Lesson 2 [[OK02]] The OK02 lesson builds on OK01, by causing the 'OK' or 'ACT' LED to turn on and off ... Lesson 3 [[OK03]] The OK03 lesson builds on OK02 by teaching how to use functions in assembly to make
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the "Personal Computer Revolution" was ushered in by Popular Science in an article on the MITS Altair ... l property control was already a fierce territory by 1982, having seen Bill Gates' famous letter to th... BASIC and Assembly, were clearly detailed command by command. While the SAMS C64 PRG was not shipped ... Cs and readily enter the world of Assembly, often by using BASIC programs to POKE values into memory a
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===== ALGORITHM DERIVATION ====== Let's start off by defining a reasonably straightforward line drawin... etPixel(x,y) which draws a dot in the pixel given by (x,y). */ if x1 > x0 then set deltax to x1 - x0 ... time we move down the y axis, the error decreases by 1 unit again. The error is measured as a distanc... icular units, as long as we scale every use of it by the same amount. Therefore, we could rewrite the
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p.sys.cbm/the-c64-is-crap/262988|]] by "The Starglider", hereafter called SG. In the mo... gh to think that basic clock speed means anything by itself, that claim could be considered "true" - h... ing commercially. Disclaimer: I love both games, by the way. Both programmers built amazing games. Bu... rum video looks basically like something designed by Fisher-Price for toddlers. Vomit-inducing YELLOW
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redistributed freely as long as they are not sold by themselves. The fonts, including any derivative w... are provided that any reserved names are not used by derivative works. The fonts and derivatives, how... ont Software" refers to the set of files released by the Copyright Holder(s) under this license and cl... ection of Font Software components as distributed by the Copyright Holder(s). "Modified Version" refe
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