The Bombast

Here we join a conversation already in progress…

despite the fact that “global warming” is as much “science” as “astrology” is at this point - tons of causal evidence, but no observable tests which can even be repeated

20-something different models all pointing to different conclusions

like I said - hurricane landfall predictions are more accurate crystal-ball gazing than “climate crisis” advocates

then I challenge them to show me a model that accurately, testably shows existing AND predicts future ocean level rise and ask how high the ocean will be in 2100

they can't and that's when I ask how they can call it science… science can PREDICT the orbits of comets … when then observably come to pass

so, because I don't drink the kool aid, I am a climate “denier” despite the fact I DO believe in man-made climate change

but its only a belief, not even a theory with testable predictions

i have tested them - every one of them fails in some easily discovered way

that 10 year temp hiatus is one big set of observations that break most of the models

there's tons of EVIDENCE

there's historical PRECEDENT

but there is NOT science

the evidence and precendent are what underpin my belief

but without science, any statement I make on “possible effect” is basically climate astrology

… which I just invented and will now call it forevermore

The Response

To which my friend responds: new profession: Climastrologer

“What's your sign?”

“Rising Oceans”

“When the Pacific is in the California House,
And the Alantic is flooding Cars,
The global warming rules the planet,
And swimming will go far!”