I saw this video - holy smokes!

From now on, I think they should be called the Violent “Liberal”.

A friend: all-righty then.
A friend: more liberals shooting folks than vice-versa, historically.

So let's call it what it is.

The Violent Left kills babies, recommends slavery treatments to women in the 21st century, etc.

They are violent, not the warm and fuzzy “cares for you” Left, like they portray to their deluded followers.

And the posterboy for the Violent Left: Obama (cue the “so I know whose asses to kick” flashback.)

A friend: Exactly, or the "they bring a knife, you bring a gun" Obama

So… it seems I have identified the root cause of the “Liberal” insanity.

Indirectly - its their parents.

Specifically - they do not understand The Golden Rule.

And the simplest counter to any “Liberal” is to apply the Golden Rule to them.

A friend: Well said!

You want yet another tax?
Great, you will pay that tax too.
(Incidentally you can see what sort of freak out that caused with PPACA when they realized THEY were expected to pay for it too.)

Oh, Martin? You want 'someone' to [defecate] down Palin's throat?
Great, 'someone' will [defecate] down your throat too.

Oh Ed Schultz? You want to rip out Cheney's heart, kick it around as a political football, and stuff it back in him?
Great, we're gonna rip out your heart yadda.

Wendy “Abortions Barbie” Davis - you want to let people kill their babies after 20 weeks?
Great, we'll kill your baby after 20 weeks… up to and including a retro-active abortion for you yourself?

Nancy Pelosi? You want us to pass the bill to see what's in it?
Great, you're going to have to pass our bill to see what's in it.

A friend:  Yeah, exactly

Dan [from Minnesota], you want to nail my doors and windows shut and set my roof on fire to kill me?
Great, I get to nail your house shut and set your roof on fire and kill you back.

A friend: Ah, the traditional ones are the best, eh?

Trying to find cases where this tactic wouldn't work

A friend: .... EBT cards

You want to rip us off using EBT cards?
Great, we can rip you off in return using political means.

Ultimately, this sort of tit-for-tat will result in ideological politics becoming a national Prisoner's_Dilemma

UPDATE: Martin tastes his own [defecation] as he apologizes:

So, in the Applied Golden Rules for Liberals world, all we have to do is say ANY hateful, sexist, racist, disgusting thing, then issue an apology later?

Just rinse and repeat as often as needed, much like Alec Baldwin's weekly homophobic rants.

So, Cher, if you say Palin is a dumb <censored> then its fair and equal to call you the same?
Great, Cher you're a dumb …. you fill it in.