Evolutionary Megastructures

A checklist for Humanity's future development…

Stage 1 :: Build a ring around your star and set it spinning into a Ringworld1)

Stage 2 :: Enclose your Ringworld into a spaghetti world, sculpted inside much like a Bernal Sphere, Stanford Torus, or O'Neill cylinder

Stage 3 :: Topologically twist your spaghetti-world into a Torus knot to expand into a growing Topopolis

Stage 4 :: Continue knotting your topopolis until you complete your Dyson Sphere


Ryan asks: “But, what if my star is the only one in the local group!”

Build a funnel and scoop as your star system moves around the galaxy edge. I am sure other opportunities may present too - just the first thing that came to mind was a “no interstellar particle left behind” sort of policy…

this may require forging a multiple star system empire to raid for baryonic matter first. As ever, when it comes to real estate it's: Location! Location! Location!