Food Justice

So, I received a letter in my inbox today.

MP: Subject: The most important fight in the struggle for food justice.

What the hell is “food justice”?

MP: I'm Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore's Dilemma, In Defense of Food, and Cooked.

Never heard of you, or them.

MP: For many years now, I've been passionately outspoken about the food justice movement, and low-wage workers represent a key front in the fight for fair and just food.

What the hell is the “food justice movement”

Wait, low-wage workers are a “front” in some “war”?

I'm sorry, but I can't stop laughing every time I read the phrase “fair and just food”.
How is food NOT “fair”? It sits there, unsentient or vegetative.
How is food not “just”? Is your food meting out injustice to you?

MP: That's why I hope you'll join me and millions of MoveOn members across the country in expressing solidarity with the fast-food workers going on strike for fair wages today.

Um no. See below for an actual plan that works without destroying an industry and further depressing the economy.

MP: Those of us working in the food movement often speak of our economy's unhealthy reliance on “cheap food.”

“Working” in the “food movement” … right. Wink wink nudge nudge.

In other words, while occupying a seat at that Center of Marxist Indoctrination (aka UCB), you can leverage some taxpayer grants and the student labor pool?

First, the “economy” does not EAT food, healthy or otherwise.

Next, the economy does not “rely” on “cheap food” - our kickass economy PROVIDES cheap food to meet the demand of people who do not FARM their own food, or work hard enough to afford actual food not made of industrial solvents.

See below of an actual plan that fixes your objection without removing people's freedom to choose to eat crap while choosing not to bust hump to climb economic ladders.

MP: But cheap food only seems cheap because the real costs of its production are hidden from us: the exploitation of food and farm workers, the brutalization of animals, and the undermining of the health of the soil, the water, and the atmosphere.

Exploitation? Really? Slavery has been illegal for a long time, which means the “exploited” are there because they constantly make choices that keep them there.

Brutalization of animals is where hamburgers and steaks come from. Hand me a hammer.

Look, I know how to make you turn green and feel nauseous in 3 words:
Mechanically. Separated. Chicken.
Damn! Now I wanna snap into a Slim Jim!

Sustainability of agriculture and environmental impact is not the fault of minimum wage, or vice versa.
But I understand how you have to invoke the Specter of Climate Change to keep rallying your base.

Have you ever grown your own food? Lived off of your own effort? No?

Fix that: get off the internet and get your hands in the dirt.
Oh wait, its hard to afford enough land to farm and sustain yourself in Berzerkley isn't it?

Guess its up to Big Agro to meet YOUR demand to live in dense-pack urban hives.
Way to complain about the very problem you create, hypocrite.

MP: As a society, we've trapped ourselves in a kind of reverse Fordism.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

WE'VE done nothing of the sort.

Individuals MIGHT do that by choosing to be uneducated, slack-jawed morons on the public dole.

OTHERS, like myself, made other choices described below.

I reject your entire premise here that some nebulous, amorphous “thing” painted itself into a corner… unless you object to the “Progressive” plan of centralizing low-information proles in dense-pack urban jungles to control them easier.

MP: Instead of paying workers well enough so that they can afford good, honestly-priced products–as Henry Ford endeavored to do so that his workers might afford to buy his cars–we pay them so little that the only food they can afford is junk food destructive of their health and the environment's.

Workers get paid what they are worth in a semi-free-market economy.

As the son of a financial author, I'd expect you to understand words like “economy”, “supply”, “demand”, “value”, “labor rate exchange” and so forth.

I won't bother you with details here - if you don't like the pay offered for the job - learn to do something worth more… like you did when you stopped sacking groceries or flipping tofu patties and decided to chase down a cushy college seat.

MP: If we are ever to right this wrong, to produce food sustainably and justly and sell it at an honest price, we will first have to pay people a living wage so that they can afford to buy it.

Sustainable food production has nothing to do with minimum wage.

Illegals are here illegally, and thus growers do not even HAVE to pay them minimum wage.


MP: Let's start with the people who work so hard to feed us.

Wait, are we now talking about farm subsidies?

MP: Please stand with the brave fast-food strikers by sharing this image on Facebook.

Yeah, don't be bothered to stand in the line with them.

That's what is making the “where are the strikers?” stories today so funny.

MP: In solidarity, Michael Pollan

Did you get out of your cushy college chair to dash off this MoronMotivational™ missive or …

MP: P.S. There are nearly 100 fast-food worker rallies at 12:30 p.m. local time all across the country today.

100 rallies… out of how many fast food restaurants? Let's see…

McDonalds was started in 1940 by Mac and Dick McDonald. Today there are approximately 13,000 McDonalds in America and 31,000 in the world. McDonalds serves about 47 million customers a day. ~

That's just McDonalds. Truly, you are pissing into the wind here.

MP: Head over during lunch and show your support in person.

I might head over for some fries, but that's about all.

Just Wow.

I read this… and didn't comprehend where a WORD of that letter could come from.

It seems to say “we want a raise to buy better food.” using a bunch of ivory tower disconnected drivel and double-plus-good NewSpeak.

As a south Texas white trash who skimmed weevils from gov't oatmeal in grade school, I know what government handout really looks like.

And, I can see how government dependence reduced native Americans to pathetic beggars.

I spent more than 1 winter living on stone soup, under bridges, in storage buildings, or out of my car as a drifter…

I learned that it's up to ME to make the best life for myself that I can.

If I stop learning and working hard to make things better, I end up on the reservation skimming weevils again.

So, I've never asked for a raise in my life.

I've always worked harder/better or changed jobs and earned raises based on performance.

My answer to “we want more money and better food” nonsense is to do what I did when I got tired of weevils, starving, and living under bridges:

  • Shower. Shave. Dress in clean clothes. Cut your damn hair and nails, then brush your damn teeth.
  • Take the shit jobs in your desired field to get experience. Want to go into computers? Start at helpdesk and desktop support.
  • READIN': Get your ass to the library and spend 3 hours a night, every night, learning something more useful than “use spatula to turn product”
  • WRITIN': Learn to write by getting on board with a spelling and grammar checker
  • 'RITHMETIC: Turns out MATH is important when it comes to pay, project budgets, management, etc.
  • Learn to speak in front of people by getting a job TEACHING the thing you want to be the expert on

Related Stupid: Food Deserts

Of course stores will move out of war zone neighborhoods.

Don't blame the store - blame the animal packs burglarizing and shooting up the place or mugging people.

Related Stupid: Minimum Wage is not enough a week to afford rent

A while back I saw a graphic showing how a week's pay at minimum wage was not enough to rent a place to live.

The proposed “fix” was another minimum wage hike was needed.

My question: where is it writ that a single week's pay MUST be enough to pay your rent?

What about two weeks pay?

The hidden agenda of the graphic was skillfully covered, creating a false impression that ANOTHER WRONG MUST BE RIGHTED! NOW! NOW! NOW!

I call bullshit.

Minimum wage is just that - the minimum paid for the minimum skilled jobs ever.

Its not supposed to be a living - its suppose to be motivation to learn, grow, expand your worth, and move up to actual skilled work with value that NOT EVERYONE ELSE has.

Who can't flip a burger or sack groceries?

If everyone can do it, its a *common* thing.

Common things have lower value than “rare” things.

Don't be common.

Learn, grow, and be a rare thing.