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Harvest XM to keep your scanner charged
Hack Enlightened portals for helpful tools
Recharge Enlightened portals
Upgrade Enlightened portals with stronger resonators, and shields
Link Enlightened portals into Control Fields to shield Humanity from Resistance control
Hack Resistance portals to increase your experience and become a stronger Enlightened agent
Use XMP bursters to weaken Resistance resonators
Capture Resistance portals, break their links and control fields
Free Humanity from the Resistance mind control


Level: 2


Currently our Ingress kitbag is:


The downside is that apparently I live in a Resistance-infested part of town.
The closest Enlightened portals are all a bit of a drive away.
Due to the overwhelming numbers of Resistance against us, we must conserve resources for maximum effect.


ZIP Code Region
77034 Ellington
77058 NASA/JSC
77062 Clear Lake
77089 Sagemont/Sageglen
77504 South Pasadena


The HP Touchpad doesn't have a hardware GPS chip in it.
Instead, it uses Google Locations to “fake” a GPS service.
So, my circular probability of error is ~30-60m from where Google Location thinks I am vs. where I am.
Sometimes its right on, sometimes it's way off.
As you can guess it makes playing as a Level 1 a bit tricky when the CPE is 1-1.5x my actual reach.
Its basically random whether or not the scanner on Touchpad places you near the portal or not.

So, we're using the Atrix with an ACTUAL GPS, A-GPS assistance, Wifi and 4G triangulation.
It has a CPE of ~3m, compared to 30-60 for the non-hardware GPS that Touchpad is using.

But I was able to link the Atrix and the Touchpad to my account, so they BOTH will sweep up XM, hack, etc.
So, one agent gets to use the “good” Atrix scanner and the other gets the TouchPad to back them up.

The worst part of this situation is this:
There's ways to hook Android4 up to an external GPS provider, like a keychain GPS.
But all of those require the Mock Location Service are enabled in Debugging… and Ingress won't run if you do that.
Presumably, that prevents location cheating, but it leaves me nowhere to go with fixing the Touchpad for more consistent use.
And that means the gravy 9.7“ screen is better suited to the Intel Map than use as a scanner.
Painful for me to have to relegate the TP to second-class status here when its so useful otherwise.