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commodore_64_versus_timex_sinclair_2068: 11 Hits
are based sprites to make sure games don't turn out utterly crap. ^ Machine ^ Microprocessor ^ Speed... perform a comparable operation, that ratio wipes out the 3:1 MHz "advantage" and in many places - the ... are based sprites to make sure games don't turn out utterly crap. Returning to [[ reen as needed, and the ability to map the 4K ROM out and replace it with a custom character set. These
bakingpi:input02: 9 Hits
mands. Almost every operating system starts life out as a text terminal. This is typically a black sc... r0,col,#4 bl TerminalColour </code> 2.1.7. Write out a delete character which is a coloured block. <co... ,col,#0xf bl TerminalColour </code> 2.1.9. Write out the character we're supposed to write. <code> mov... de> 4.2. Loop until the end of the line, writing out 0x7f: a delete character in black on a black back
bakingpi:designware20.c: 7 Hits
Timeout) { LOGF("HCD: Request to %s has timed out.\n", UsbGetDescription(device)); device->Erro... GF("HCD: Request split completion to %s has timed out.\n", UsbGetDescription(device)); device->E... ; tempPipe.Type = Control; tempPipe.Direction = Out; if ((result = HcdChannelSendWait(device, &tem... ta if (buffer != NULL) { if (pipe.Direction == Out) { MemoryCopy(databuffer, buffer, bufferLength
food_justice: 6 Hits
e. \\ How is food not "just"? Is your food meting out injustice to you? \\ HOW DARE YOUR FOOD SUBJECT Y... > MP: In solidarity, Michael Pollan Did you get out of your cushy college chair to dash off this Moro... ime all across the country today. 100 rallies... out of how many fast food restaurants? Let's see... ... one soup, under bridges, in storage buildings, or out of my car as a drifter... I learned that it's up
bakingpi:hub.c: 5 Hits
0, .Device = device->Number, .Direction = Out, .MaxSize = SizeFromNumber(device->Descriptor.... 0, .Device = device->Number, .Direction = Out, .MaxSize = SizeFromNumber(device->Descriptor.... [interfaceNumber][0].EndpointAddress.Direction == Out) { LOG("HUB: Cannot enumerate hub with only one... == NULL) { LOG("HUB: Cannot allocate hub data. Out of memory.\n"); return ErrorMemory; } data =
bakingpi:screen01: 5 Hits
ove very close, you will probably be able to make out individual pixels on your screen, and be able to see that everything image is just made out of these pixels in combination. As the computer ... graphics cards; getting pixel colours from memory out to the screen. One issue that is raised immediat... advance. A good way to do this might be to write out a simple list of the steps that need to be done,
personal_computers_are_no_longer_personal: 5 Hits
If you went looking, it was very easy to figure out because the DETAILS and the IMPLEMENTATION were known and you were ENCOURAGED to find them out. I am stunned, again and again, at the level of ... piece of hardware, which ultimately locked users out of hardware exploration entirely. Each new gener... h the limits of the computer was slowly strangled out of the formerly "personal" computer. ROM is expe
bakingpi:platform.c: 4 Hits
located + size > sizeof(Heap)) { LOG("Platform: Out of memory! We should've had more heap space in pl... rstFreeAllocation == HEAP_END) { LOG("Platform: Out of memory! We should've had more allocations in p... Next->Address; } else { LOG("Platform: Out of memory! We should've had more heap space in pl... ION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE
bakingpi:ok03: 4 Hits
black boxes'. We put inputs in, and outputs come out, but we don't need to know how they work. In hig... . Thus, we only have to move the GPIO pin number out of r0 so it doesn't get overwritten, but we know ... ddress in the GPIO controller. We already worked out the address in the loop, so we don't need to stor... ality. It is similar to cmp but it does not work out which number is bigger. If all you wish to do is
bakingpi:hid.c: 4 Hits
, .Device = device->Number, .Direction = Out, .MaxSize = SizeFromNumber(device->Descriptor.... , .Device = device->Number, .Direction = Out, .MaxSize = SizeFromNumber(device->Descriptor.... [interfaceNumber][1].EndpointAddress.Direction != Out || device->Endpoints[interfaceNumber][1].Attri... ION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE
bakingpi:screen02: 3 Hits
ht be tempted to just spam mathematical operators out for example: 4x2! / 64, but in actuality this gen... l the functions we're going to need, let's try it out. Alter main to do the following, after getting t... xplore more complicated shapes. Most can be made out of lines, but is this necessarily the best strate
bakingpi:input01: 3 Hits
h how to use these in an Operating System. I set out searching for a free driver that would run in an ... of a particular held down key. Normally, to work out which keys are down, call KeyboardGetKeyDownCount... y, and is broken. | | -7 | Memory: The driver ran out of memory. | | -8 | Timeout: The device did not r
bakingpi:ok01: 3 Hits
nother reason. Back in the 1970s chips were made out of entirely out of N-type material ('NMOS'), with the P-type replaced by a resistor. That means that ... would work for other pins). Finally we write it out to the address which is 40^10 added to the GPIO c
equality_of_outcome: 3 Hits
. \\ (Incidentally you can see what sort of freak out that caused with PPACA when they realized THEY we... your throat too. Oh Ed Schultz? You want to rip out Cheney's heart, kick it around as a political foo... d stuff it back in him? \\ Great, we're gonna rip out your heart yadda. Wendy "Abortions Barbie" Davis
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prograge: 2 Hits
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don_t_break_the_web_for_stupid_reasons: 1 Hits
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android: 1 Hits
bakingpi:roothub.s: 1 Hits
bakingpi:keyboard.c: 1 Hits
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bakingpi:armv6.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:platform.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:roothub.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:hid.s: 1 Hits
bakingpi:armv6.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:broadcom2835.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:csud: 1 Hits
bakingpi:configuration.h: 1 Hits
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bakingpi:broadcom2835.c: 1 Hits
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bakingpi:usbd.h: 1 Hits
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bakingpi:configuration.s: 1 Hits
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bakingpi:mouse.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:mouse.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:hub.h: 1 Hits
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bakingpi:pipe.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:devicerequest.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:device.h: 1 Hits
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