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bakingpi:keyboard.s: 13 Hits
====== CSUD KEYBOARD.S ====== This file is part of the Chadderz's Simple USB driver (CSUD) used in the [... , .-KeyboardAttach .align 2 .type KeyboardIndex.part.0, %function KeyboardIndex.part.0: @ args = 0, pretend = 0, frame = 0 @ frame_needed = 0, uses_anonym... ign 2 .L80: .word .LANCHOR0 .size KeyboardIndex.part.0, .-KeyboardIndex.part.0 .align 2 .global KbdL
bakingpi:mouse.s: 13 Hits
====== CSUD MOUSE.S ====== This file is part of the Chadderz's Simple USB driver (CSUD) used in the [[Ba... Attach, .-MouseAttach .align 2 .type MouseIndex.part.0, %function MouseIndex.part.0: @ args = 0, pretend = 0, frame = 0 @ frame_needed = 0, uses_anonymous... .align 2 .L45: .word .LANCHOR0 .size MouseIndex.part.0, .-MouseIndex.part.0 .align 2 .global MouseLo
raspberry_pi: 4 Hits|Raspberry Pi bare metal Part 1 The Boot Process]] (blogspot) \\ [[|Raspberry Pi bare metal Part 2 - Introduction to ARM Assembly and Toolchain]] (blogspot) \\ [[ht
open_letter_to_melissa_harris-perry: 4 Hits
ollective notion of 'these are our children' > So part of it is we have to break through our kind of pri... uing Center and Pasta Growing Collective #543, as part of some 5 year plan by the Socialist Progressive ... e them to take care of my kids for me. > MHP: So part of it is we have to break through our kind of pri... as yours are never held alone, but only exist as part-and-parcel of an entire pantheon of [[wp>lunatic]
bakingpi:font0license: 3 Hits
am Vera" names. The Font Software may be sold as part of a larger software package but no copy of one o... to do so either. You can sell the fonts as part of any software package, however. 2. I ... nts separately for distribution and sale as part of a larger software package or system. Can I do
ingress: 2 Hits
s that apparently I live in a Resistance-infested part of town. \\ The closest Enlightened portals are a... gets the TouchPad to back them up. \\ The worst part of this situation is this: \\ There's ways to hoo
commodore_64_versus_timex_sinclair_2068: 2 Hits
still being sold commercially in 2004 and 2005 as part of the DTV. But where was your vaunted Quazatron?... pring-loaded keyswitches from the start, which is part of why C64 cost more - you pay for quality. Notic
bakingpi:ok03: 2 Hits
igher level code such as C or C+ +, functions are part of the language itself. In assembly code, functi... unction of the number in reg with val. This next part of the function is for generating a number with t
bakingpi:font1license: 2 Hits
made by adding to, deleting, or substituting ? in part or in whole ? any of the components of the Origin... 5) The Font Software, modified or unmodified, in part or in whole, must be distributed entirely unde
browser_sexuality: 2 Hits
no respect for free speech. // It's that second part that I find most disturbing, especially in a brow... how exclusive they really want to be. I want no part of a partisan browser that values sexuality issue
bakingpi:pipe.h: 2 Hits
====== CSUD PIPE.H ====== This file is part of the Chadderz's Simple USB driver (CSUD) used in the [[Bak... relating to the USB pipe structure, * defined as part of the USB protocol. The precise details of this
bakingpi:device.h: 2 Hits
====== CSUD DEVICE.H ====== This file is part of the Chadderz's Simple USB driver (CSUD) used in the [[B... bout a connected USB device. This is not directly part of the USB standard, and is instead a mechanism
bakingpi:ok05: 1 Hits
nto r1 if and only if there is a 1 in the current part of the pattern. <code> mov r1,#1 lsl r1,seq and r
bakingpi:introduction: 1 Hits
ware, as this is often the trickiest bit, and the part for which the least documentation and help exists
bakingpi:ok04: 1 Hits
bakingpi:hid.s: 1 Hits
bakingpi:screen04: 1 Hits
bakingpi:ok01: 1 Hits
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bakingpi:mouse.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:keyboard.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:keyboard.h: 1 Hits
6502: 1 Hits
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bakingpi:hub.s: 1 Hits
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library: 1 Hits
bakingpi:armv6.s: 1 Hits
bakingpi:broadcom2835.s: 1 Hits
fedora: 1 Hits
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android: 1 Hits
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bakingpi:designware20.s: 1 Hits
bakingpi:mouse.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:report.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:platform.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:platform.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:roothub.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:designware20.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:armv6.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:armv6.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:types.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:byteorder.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:broadcom2835.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:broadcom2835.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:designware20.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:hcd.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:hub.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:hub.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:hid.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:hid.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:descriptors.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:configuration.s: 1 Hits
bakingpi:usbd.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:usbd.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:configuration.c: 1 Hits
bakingpi:devicerequest.h: 1 Hits
bakingpi:configuration.h: 1 Hits