A friend of mine on Facebook shared the following image, and provoked my reply below.


Yep. This relates to one of my 3 core tenets for dealing with/understanding (so-called) progressives/leftists/elitists/entitlementkids/democrats/idiots. (I can't call them liberals since it's an insult to classical Liberals.)

Tenet 1: the only way to deal with progressives is to apply the Golden Rule which usually results in a Prisoner's Dilemma and subsequent tit-for-tat escalations. If you choose to ride that rocket, just hang on; they eventually explode under their own illogical and insanity. Be warned, applying the Golden Rule to a progressive idea or action will result in ProgRage.

Tenet 2: All progressives are unconsciously able to Double-Think any position and are therefore unable to comprehend or address their own hypocrisy, directly or indirectly. No amount of logic, reason, facts, examples, links, news, or illustrations can cure or defeat this. Consult your copy of George Orwell's 1984 for a complete treatment on Double-Think and strategies and tactics for living with those who do. Don't even bother trying to point out how they are hypocritically double-thinking something - it only results in ProgRage.

Tenet 3: All progressives are incapable of understanding or considering the Law of Unintended Consequences of their meddling… possibly because of their double-thinking. Any attempt to point out possible unintended consequences only results in ProgRage.