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====== CSUD ====== The source code for Chadderz's Simple USB driver (CSUD) used in the [[BakingPi:]] tutor... ctly). * include/device/hid/[[keyboard.h]] * source/device/hid/[[keyboard.c]] * source/device/hid/[[keyboard.s]] ==== Mouse driver ==== Driver by Steve Wh... ed it is. * include/device/hid/[[mouse.h]] * source/device/hid/[[mouse.c]] * source/device/hid/[[mo
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arnings too. ==== Error: bad instruction ==== source/file.s:8: Error: bad instruction `sdd r0,r1' Thi... immediate expression requires a # prefix ==== source/file.s:32: Error: immediate expression requires a... #3*4. ==== Error: ARM register expected ==== source/file.s:24: Error: ARM register expected -- `add 0... s command. ==== Error: unknown pseudo-op ==== source/file.s: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.suction' Thi
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opment system. This cross-compiler converts your source code files into Raspberry Pi-compatible executabl... i archive}} ==== Build Your Own Linux Tools from Source ==== Linux users may wish to build their own cros
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D) used in the [[BakingPi:]] tutorials. The full source code is available here: [[ ies chunks of memory. Copies length bytes from source to destinatoin. If either source or destination are null, should not copy anything. */ void MemoryCopy(void* destination, void* source, u32 length); #ifdef NO_LOG #define LOG(x) #defi
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ng]] (goo) \\ [[|SOURCE MoBoot]] (google) \\ === ClockWorkMod CWM === [[... uilds]] (goo) \\ [[|SOURCE: CyanogenMod]] (github) \\ [[http://wiki.cyanogen...|SOURCE: android devices for HP tenderloid]] (github) \\ ... tps://|SOURCE: hp-kernel-tenderloin]] (github) \\ === Google A
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tp://|Homeworld Source Code]] (fileplanet) \\ [[|Homeworld Mods an... ps://|BrowserQuest source]] (github) \\ [[|Quake 3 Source Code Review: VM]] (fabiensnglard) \\
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extracted the template, create a new file in the 'source' directory called 'main.s'. The '.s' file extens... te in. It is up to us to remember these assembly source code files are for ARMv6. Open 'main.s' in a tex... Raspbian and other Linux distributions: \\ $ vi source/main.s Copy in these first commands: <code> .sec... working directory to the parent directory of the source directory. Type **make** and then press enter.
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install gcc-arm-none-eabi </code> === Build from Source === Linux users may wish to build their own cross... SIL Open Font License.]] ===== USB Driver (CSUD) Source ===== The source code for CSUD (Chadderz's Simple USB driver) used in the tutorials is available here: [[
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when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing "Edit this page". If you... xxx | xxxxxxxxxxxx | This is how it looks in the source: ^ Table with alignment ^^... file. </file> Those blocks were created by this source: This is text is indented by two spaces.
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Coreboot lets you replace your proprietary closed-source BIOS with a modular, flexible open-source alternative capable of booting a wide range of flexible payload... ixmage.elf. \\ [[|Ix Source]] (github) \\ Second, git coreboot from coreboot
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D) used in the [[BakingPi:]] tutorials. The full source code is available here: [[ \n"); } void MemoryCopy(void* destination, void* source, u32 length) { u8 *d, *s; if (length == 0) return; d = (u8*)destination; s = (u8*)source; if ((u32)s < (u32)d) while (length-- > 0)
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l the null terminator. Unfortunately this is the source of many security issues. What if a malicious use... , 8x16 section. Download it and store it in the 'source' directory as 'font.bin'. These files are just m... z |Screen03 Full Solution}} \\ [[screen03 drawing source]] \\ {{|screen03 Font Binary}} \\ [[screen03 framebuffer source]] \\ [[screen03 gpio source]] \\ [[screen03 mailb
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==== "Testing" Pi Compatibility ===== This course source code has not yet been fully updated to work with ... GPIO assignment may require customization to the source code shown if you use newer Raspberry Pi models f
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D) used in the [[BakingPi:]] tutorials. The full source code is available here: [[ cmpeq r4, r2 bls .L2 .L5: .syntax divided @ 27 "source/platform/arm/broadcom2835.c" 1 nop @ 0 "" 2 .ar
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