Known to it's fans as the “CoCo” the Tandy Color Computer was the first micro-computer I owned.

I ran my first BBS from the CoCo, with a lot of help from the Houston and Pasadena amateur radio clubs.



In 1983, Dan Downard and Lane Lester published the Remote serial driver and RainBoard BBS in the November 1983 issue of The Rainbow magazine.

Color Computer BBS-related issues of The Rainbow include:
The Rainbow November 1983 - RainBoard and Remote driver
The Rainbow August 1984 - Trapperr Error Trapping
The Rainbow November 1984 - RainBoard 1984 and CCTalk terminal program
The Rainbow November 1985 - Remote2 driver and CoBBS part 1 of 4
The Rainbow December 1985 - CoBBS part 2 of 4
The Rainbow January 1986 - CoBBS part 3 of 4
The Rainbow February 1986 - CoBBS part 4 of 4
The Rainbow November 1986 - Remote232 driver and CoBBS Messages
The Rainbow November 1987 - Galactic Conflict online game
The Rainbow November 1988 - Remote3 driver and CoBBS updates for CoCo3 and CoBBS Xmodem


The original 3D adventure game!

Dungeons of Daggorath Video Game (freehostia)
Dungeons of Daggorath PC Port (mspencer)