Timex Sinclair 2068

Timex Sinclair 2068

Many thanks to my co-worker Dave M. for the gift of the pristine boxed TS2068!


Spectrum ROMs Collection (shadowmagic)
Open SE BASIC (sourceforge)


Fuse emulator is available as an RPM from the Fedora repository, explicitly emulates the TS2068 running the ROM dumps, and overall works well for me.

Fuse emulator (sourceforge)
EightyOne (chuntey)
Jspeccy (speccy)
Speccy Font (kreativekorp)
ZX Spectrum Graphics and Colors

Yahoo Group

If you have a TS2068 all of these sites are pretty much mandatory, especially the Yahoo Group. Be sure to check the files area of the Yahoo group for a wealth of documentation and other useful tidbits. Be sure to say “hi!” on the list as well.

TS2068 Yahoo Group (yahoo)


Trash Talk

Since this seems to be a big web thing: Commodore 64 versus Timex Sinclair 2068