webOS Haiku

Created, by me, for the For the webOS Nation Haiku Contest (webosnation)

Winter fell, too soon
'cross webOS and my TouchPad
Clinging, despite frost
With baited breath, hope
for LG webOS port to
my 3D TV
Despite Android on
TouchPad, web-O-S remains
favorite platform
overclock power,
polished grace and home brew choice
webOS forever
It's not an iPad
It just looks like one outside
inside, webOS
Slow to boot up, but
a joy to use every day
workhorse web-O-S
swipe up, left, right, then
mullti-touch, stack, unstack, flick
web-O-S gestures
web-OS Synergy
simple account management
missing on Android
Wishing my “Just Search”
could find reasons why Le'o
killed our web-O-S
The best of both worlds
dual boot web-O-S, Android
now choose: work or play?
web-O-S' Laucher
Drag and Drop App Management
Beats Androids' silly
Still waiting for a
web-O-S port on Android
not holding my breath
Luna eclipsed
just as web-O-S took off
Sunset came too soon
Great Scott, Marty! We
need one point seven giga-
Hertz Uber-Kernel!
Ex-hib-i-tion mode
clock, calendar, weather for
best bedside info
Held upside down, then
with a flick, pull, and release
Angry Birds kill apps
What? No G-P-S?
Google wi-fi guesswork?
Lost with web-O-S!