Welcome to my wiki!

New visitors should read the introduction below, otherwise, check the sitemap for topics to explore.

Getting Started

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a form of web server that allows people to read web pages, make changes to them, or even create new pages, all from within their web browser.

How do I use a wiki?

There are five main steps to using a wiki:

  1. Read: Read and navigate wiki pages just like normal web pages. Links to existing pages in the wiki will be shown in green. Links to web pages on external sites will be shown in blue after a small icon of the Earth. Links to non-existent wiki pages are shown in red.
  2. Register: If you see a page you would like to comment on, or add information to, you can register for a free account here. You will be asked for an account name, e-mail address, and password. Once your account has been activated, you are given expanded permissions to create or edit wiki pages.
  3. Create or Edit: An existing wiki page may have an “Edit” button active. Click the button to switch to a page editor and begin changing the wiki content using plain text with simple markup. If you follow a red link to a non-existent page, the wiki asks if you want to create it and begin editing it immediately. The wiki editor includes a Media Manager which allows you to upload images and files to include in your wiki pages.
  4. Preview: The wiki page editor shows a Preview button, allowing a page to be proofread “on the fly”.
  5. Save: When all desired changes are made and look exactly right, use the wiki editor Save button to save the updated page to the wiki. The wiki will then return you to the View step above.

Who can use the wiki?

Currently, anyone can read most of the wiki pages here, but only specific people and groups can add new pages or change existing pages in various areas of the site. This allows us to prevent the worst of the abuses that the internet can dish out to an open site. True story: within 7 days of adding the “Discussion” feature, scammers began posting fake comments full of junk links, hoping to improve their standings in search engines, or lure people to malicious sites. Some unscrupulous people are now selling automated tools to scan for and hijack open wiki, chat, or forum pages.

Why use a wiki?

Editing web pages from directly in your existing browser is a powerful way to create on the web, especially when you do not need to know any HTML to do it! The ability to add links to nonexistent pages while you edit, and have those pages created when you click their links is a very natural way to grow your server. It sure beats the old “write html, upload, view, fix, upload, view, fix, upload, view…” cycle.

Wiki Tools

User: Personal pages and journals for various people who use this wiki.
Playground: A place to practice writing wiki pages.
Cloud: A word cloud of the most frequently used terms on this site.
Syntax: Learn more about how to write DokuWiki pages.
Legal: The legal notices and information for this site.